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When you sit at your home, you may be irritated by houseflies and other insects. If season changes to monsoon, you really get fed up with these creatures. We use many methods to get rid of this scourge. After a few seconds, they reappear more strongly than before. What’s the best solution for this headache?

Anclide Ind Labs has come up with a lasting solution to remove this menace. Why we? Here is the answer. We never use any toxic ingredients and it’s non-toxic. You can use this product to keep your residential and commercial premises safe and clean.

Dr. Fly is an approved organic product that kills houseflies and sustains cleanliness.
It is the first time a medication comes with a promise of a complete chemical-free life.
This product helps you to remove the harmful creatures that transmits diseases and make the environment non-hygienic

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Do it safely

Removes houseflies from

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